From here on out…

I’ve had to turn away from blogging. Both here and on my other beloved blog.

(certainly not forever, though – only for the moment).

Frankly, I’m a woman possessed. I only have eyes for my novel: it visits my dreams and occupies my thoughts during the day-lit hours. I am consumed by the narrative, the characters, the minutiae of editing through a microscope. It’s tunnel vision. It’s where all my writing energy wants to flow. Any ideas for the blog have since escaped the page.

I’m in the nitty-gritty. There’s this gut-fuelled seismic urge to complete the project. But I won’t rush it either.

I have just completed a wonderfully thorough self-editing course with the Writers Workshop which I highly recommend. Brilliant tutoring and peer feedback. Over six weeks it covered the nuts and bolts: plot and structure, character, voice, point of view and psychic distance (this really opened my eyes), prose, and all sorts of personal questions on my project. This simple outline doesn’t do the course justice. Needless to say I’m now itching to turn my novel inside out and fashion it into the story it needs to become…

…I am open to surprises.

Until then, I will be back hither and thither. I know I need to write about my time as a mentee on the Womentoring Project but I simply haven’t had the head space to sit down and think it through properly (even though it ended last November). But I will.

…and I will write about my experience. Working with SJ Bradley overhauled my creative process.

I’m glad I wrote this post. It’s been four months since I wrote the last one. I feel relieved too – that I’m giving myself absolute permission to focus completely on my novel now.

This is how it has to be.

Guess I’ll be seeing you a little later.

8 responses

  1. Good luck!!! It all sounds very exciting. How wonderful, to be swept away in the imaginings of a new piece of literature.

  2. Lovely to read about how are you are doing, Sarah. You are however so right to focus on your novel.
    Exciting. 🙂
    Still waiting to hear from the agent I sent the full manuscript to. Not even a month yet, so keeping calm… xx

    • Thank you :o). I only seem to have time for the novel now which is strange as I have more time now the little one is at school! Fingers crossed for the agent – they will get back to you so stay patient. X

  3. Your blogs are much missed, but I am so pleased and excited for you that the passion and energy for writing are still there and being directed at other projects. Put my name down for the first copy of that novel when it is done, eh?! xx

    • Thank you sweetheart but I also know that I’ll get pockets of the year where I’ll be able to blog a little more. I do miss it. Life, eh? Lord knows when this novel is going to get finished – it is what it is, I guess :o). X

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