Seasons Of Motherhood

Seasons Of Motherhood

In awe, transformed, terrified and lost. I am made new in motherhood.

‘No, I’m not a fifties housewife; but I have discovered a middle way, a slice of zen, in watching the husband’s boxers waft in the breeze, or the way the arms of his upturned checked shirts swing like those of lazy monkeys.’  

‘I would like to say these pills make me taller or smaller, or partial to erudite advice from a hookah smoking caterpillar. Sadly not. Their job is one of equilibrium. Stiff upper lip. To boldly weather motherhood.’

Twenty four pages of prose, stories and accidental poetry, all gorgeously illustrated by the wonderful Helen Braid.



‘Seasons of Motherhood is a mixture of prose and poetry that explores a personal reflection of being a mother, postnatal depression and birth trauma.  It is a mixture of the beautiful and difficult elements of being a mum told with honesty and charm.  For any mother who found that being a mum was more complicated than she bargained for it’s a comforting read.’ Stephanie Arsoska, blogger and poet.

‘For a small book  it has a big impact and the things I have read within it have stayed with me ever since. It is based around the seasons of the year as much as the seasons of our life. Sadie’s book made me think , wonder, pause, reflect and cry. It packs a mighty punch for a little book. She writes beautifully.’ Becky, parenting author.

‘She writes poetically and honestly about the delights and challenges of motherhood in ways my soul relates to, as well as touching on that terrible subject, post-natal depression, of which she has suffered. Her writing is what I call ‘prosetry’ – short reflections that have the feel and elegance of poetry. It’s a lovely little book to have by your bed, or an ideal present for any of your mum’s friends.’ Siobhan Calthrop, blogger.

‘When I started out blogging I stumbled upon Sadie’s blog and was immediately hooked by her captivating writing and funny-sad musings over motherhood and everything that comes with it. Seasons of Motherhood is an honest and beautiful collection of stories and poems that made me both nod in recognition and shed a tear or two! The images and emotions they evoked stayed with me for a long time. I hope there is a second book in the making! It will make a wonderful gift for mums (and dads).’ Ellie, blogger and poet.

‘She writes about the challenges of being an older mother (I’m one myself) and post-natal depression. Then there are some lovely thought provoking reflections- my favourite being The Zen Of Washing. Is it possible to write two pages on a household chore and make it sound beautiful? Sadie does.’ Tracy, blogger.

‘This is a corker of a little book with a stunning opening chapter. She is outside of the world looking on, outside of her body looking in, via that vicious monster we know as PND, but one she writes so gently about.  It’s very clever. We feel her longing and confusion over whether to have another child.  She is in the most eloquent, utter turmoil, drawing you into her soul via her washing line, not feeling like a mother, while we’re witnessing her being a beautiful one. As she finds her peace, we smile with her.  It is a short story, but a mesmerising one…’ Anya, writer and blogger, Older Single Mum.

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  1. I was just coming to leave a review but I see I already have one up! I can only second everything I said. I devoured the book in one sitting, so much I could relate to and I felt greatly comforted by it.

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