The Novel

I have been writing my first novel for what feels like a long time now. I began in the first person and then changed to third and am beginning to lose count of how many drafts it has been through. In the earlier years the writing was very productive but then life happened, my marriage disintegrated, and the bread and butter had to come first. Writing time is a precious commodity now but I’m determined to finish this story, and strangely find myself unable to start another until I do.  

The novel was originally entitled Four Gigs and then on some sound advice changed to The Big Yellows. A few years ago, or so, I had a meeting with an agent who really liked the writing but didn’t know how she was going to sell the story to publishers in its current form. She asked me a very important question – who are you as a writer and what is this story about in one sentence? After this meeting I realised The Big Yellows needed a complete restructure and to answer that agent’s question; I write about trauma and my story is about a woman whose past catches up with her…

Jessica Dance is a techno-spinning DJ, her career set to reach new heights. Music and dark clubs are her world and her escape from her fierce stress attacks. When Katrin enters her life everything begins to unravel. Is Katrin the enemy or is she the key? Jessica is going to learn the hard way; that growing up means facing all she has hidden.   

The Big Yellows is about the impact of raw experiences, about the ripple effects of careless choices, family loyalties and toxic friendship, and above all, that time can never be cheated.