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I just looked at the date I last posted, 8th April, but it seems longer than that, much longer. April was a month of writing graft; I took part in CampNanoWrimo and made a start on the second draft of my novel. I set myself a target of twenty thousand words and surprised myself by actually achieving it. Every writer needs a formal goal; shame I’ve slacked a little this month but I do have an exciting reason for this.

So far, I’ve really enjoyed writing the second draft, editing away the superfluous chaff and crass gratuity; there’s a lot of unnecessary swearing in the first draft, but hey, that’s what first draft’s are all about. I see the story very clearly now, and the themes, and this helps the whole sculpting process. My characters are revealing more of themselves, a lot more, and this is impacting on the prose and narrative in a good way. I originally wrote the first draft in first person present tense, and this helped me to feel my way into the main protagonist’s voice, but the second draft I changed to third person present tense. I think writing in the third will open up greater depth, more psychic distance between me, the narrator, and all my characters, and add further dimension to the peripheral characters too. I decided to continue writing in the present so as to retain the immediacy and pace.

Anyway, as I said earlier I have a reason for slacking on wordage. My other blog, Older Mum in a Muddle, has been shortlisted in the Britmums Brilliance in Blogging Awards (BIBS) in the Writer category. To say I am an over the moon about this is an understatement, and I’ve been concentrating on pulling some imaginative posts out of the bag; I would really like to become one of the six finalists, but the competition is fierce this year, and I’m competing against some of my favourite bloggers too. Older Mum in a Muddle is currently the main blog, my space for personal musings on the grey flavours of motherhood; the good, the bad, and the illness. The blog is home to much of my creative writing and prose, and if you would like to send a vote my way *cheeky wink* then please do so here… (voting ends this Friday, 16th May)


But I’ve saved the best news for last…. a couple of weeks ago I applied to become a mentee on the WoMentoring Project which pairs professional literary women with up and coming female talent. Am I up and coming? Well that’s purely subjective, and I didn’t expect to hear anything back – it was challenge enough writing the application – but then I had the best news of the year on Friday; I received an email from the mentor I’d applied to, SJ Bradley, to say that she had chosen me as her mentee. I had to read her email three times over before it all sank in. I’ve  already sent her the unadulterated first draft and what I have of the second so far. I’m really looking forward to working with her – she has a novel, Brick Mother, out this month – and I can’t wait to receive her feedback ; the input is just what my novel needs to ratch it up another level. And she’s mentoring me for  a whole six months, exceptionally generous given the amount she has on her plate at the moment. Exciting times indeed.


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  1. Exciting times indeed, I love reading all your good news, Sarah. 🙂
    I have just re-started working on my book, re-writing one half of it completely. Let’s see where it leads me. xx

  2. Hi Sadie, This is Jude from Make Me an Earth Mother under my work contact, in case you don’t recognise me! Congratulations on both achievements – I have heard of the WoMentoring Project and thought it sounded amazing. Well done for being selected. Such a vote of confidence! Just thinking, I notice you’ve published a few books yourself and are clearly a great writer, with loads going on. If you ever fancy publishing with Britian’s Next Bestseller, give me a shout. I work for them and am always on the look out for talent. The website is – you might know of us as Helen Braid has illustrated a few of our books. Anyway, let me know what you think? Jude x

    • Hello. *waves eagerly* Maybe fate has pulled us together – that’s very good to know you work for ‘Britains Next Bestseller’, and yes, I have heard of them! Thank you very much. X

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