200 Words

Oh hello!

Good to see you again.

It feels like an age since I last posted on here…

…and a lot of writing has taken place since then.

So, I’ve nearly written 3000 words, I’m finding the only way is to just get the thing out and edit later.

I’m rolling towards the finish line of the first chapter, my intention is to keep this, and subsequent chapters, to a length of between 3000 – 4000 words, but I guess that all depends on the scene and setting.

I’ve already put myself out there for feedback, and received some very constructive advise. I’ve consequently reworded the prologue – its reading much better now, and holds more intrigue.

So do you wanna be a beta reader? Just give me a shout!

I’m finding feedback immensely helpful.

And, I’ve made myself a commitment to writing 200 words a day which is proving to be achievable despite…

  • My commitment to my other musings
  • My demanding three-year old
  • I’m in the process of moving
  • I’m in the process of suing

The point is, if I write something – even if it’s 50 words – that’s better than nothing, and I’m moving forwards…

In the mean time, I think the first chapter is reading pretty well, feedback pending. It introduces Jessica Dance  – the character the story hinges on – and Katrin Chase, friend and night mare…

Tonight I’m having a well-earned break from it all – I’m swapping words for a shop-bought paella and a flick.

I owe it to the husband.

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