So I have this goal to write Four Gigs over 2013 – and I’m itching to write page one; I know what the first sentence is already, well maybe….

Katrin once told me that lying naked under a late August sun was like having a cosmic body fuck, like warm melted chocolate, as sweet as molasses.

BUT I’m feeling a little over wrought with excitement – there are so many words fighting for the first page.

So that’s exactly what I need this blog for, to calm my self down and gain some perspective with a mug of tea.

There is one thing that is bothering me though, and that is a concept called time…..


You see, I am the following…

  1. Mother of one almost three-year old
  2. Wife
  3. Manager of dirty plates
  4. Picker-upper of dirty clothes
  5. Owner of not one, but three other blogs

So where am I going to magically carve out the time from then? The morning? Mmmmm not very functioning before 7.00 am. The evening? Possible with some deft juggling, but I’m partial to an early night too. I love my duvet. I love my sleep.

I think this is going to call for some heavy-handed discipline. To keep on track I would like to aim for 500-1000 words a day – is that unrealistic? So I may have to bite the bullet and pencil in some early mornings, handy that spring is kind of around the corner – well lighter mornings anyway.  Hopefully, when the Little One starts attending additional mornings at the nursery this will afford extra writing time too.

When do you find the time to write the next chapter?

8 responses

  1. Funnily enough I unearthed my ‘novel’ today…all one chapter of it. But I read it and thought, actually, it isn’t as awful as I thought. So I wrote some more and suddenly it was tea time!
    I think this is the year for you to just do it. And swear a lot. 😉 We are so alike in many ways….

  2. How are you doing Little A’s nursery hour allocation? I am due to get J2’s in April and am going to allocate one of his days to writing – absolutely nothing else. Then I am going to try and do an hour an evening. That is the initial plan… For me I have to have it in the format of a routine, otherwise the guilt of ‘I should be hoovering / washing / ironing’ etc would completely take every free second!

    • She currently goes x2 mornings a week (until she gets the x15 hours a week after Easter) But we might, in the meantime, send her on Tues mornings as well and that will give me a whole morning. I like you approach though – blocking out a specific routine.

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