20,000 Words

I had the whole day to myself on Wednesday, to write. I paid the nursery to keep, and feed, and water the Little One for the afternoon, as well as her usual morning hours.

I turned all social media off, save for one tweet;


I only wrote about 800 words. Disappointed. And this in light of a fellow blogger who wrote *ahem* 20,000 words in one weekend burst.

It really took time to glue a particular scene together, then write decent prose and dialogue. But it wasn’t just that; I found myself re-editing all that’d gone before, ironing out the creases, adding the frou frou, rearranging sentences like books on a shelf.

Damn. Damn again. Why can’t I write faster? With the speed of a cheetah? Why doesn’t smoke fly off the keys? Why can’t I even make 1000 words in one sitting – it’s not much to ask, is it? Damn. 

Then I thought about it. How does one write 20,000 words in 48 hours?

It has to be down to the following…..

1. No sleep
2. A pair of dark shades
3. No shower
4. Microwave fodder
5. Caffeine
6. No responsibilities i.e. no children
7. No television
8. Chocolate
9. Pro plus
10. No social media
11. Mobile off
12. No friends
13.Typing speed of at least 200 wpm

And therein lies a problem. I can’t touch type. Use the force I hear you say. But I have no Jedi skillz.

At this rate, I’ll be lucky if I write 20,000 words in a year!

What’s the most amount you’ve written in one sitting?