Trying To Breathe


This has been a challenging week: only a handful of sentences constructed in between puffs on the inhaler. Last week I had either a head cold or some nebulous virus and as usual it curled around my lungs like undettered ivy. As I become older, the asthma is becoming heavier, and this time it knocked me for six; I hardly had the strength for anything last Thursday, Friday or Saturday. On a short walk to a friend’s house, I had to turn around and go back for the car, although I didn’t feel too guilty about this since it’s electric; but thankfully, after a trip to the doctors, another visit to the chemists, and a few well chosen poses on the yoga mat, I began to breath a little easier.

Anyway, I have been both progressing and fine tuning in fits and starts: it all hangs on those first three chapters; and even if it takes months and months to complete the second draft, I want to make sure the first three chapters are exceptionally polished so I have something to offer agents later next year. I have also been thinking about one of my main characters and how I need to develop him more. This will be a good excuse to buy a new note book and fill it with the details of his life: his schooling; his jobs; his relationships; and most of all, his deepest motivations. From feedback I’ve received, I am told he is already quite a rounded character, but I want to delve further still. To be honest, I’ve a little bit of a crush on him; I feel very much drawn to his struggle. Focusing on him has also reminded me that I could do with updating the Pinterest board I’d set up for my characters. I began this when I first started writing my novel over a year ago. Let me know what you think. I found it very helpful in imagining their physical appearance, but then became lost in writing the story; always the way eh?  I do want to complete it though: unfinished projects make me rather twitchy.

So aside of all the wheezing and rasping, this week hasn’t been the most productive. I have read – I’m currently working my way through Brick Mother by SJ Bradley, my mentor, and the very funny Eats Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss – and I have always counted reading as writing time, but I would have preferred to have produced more words; the last seven days have been a tad lean. It hasn’t been much fun being out of breath; at least some oxygen is gaining access now and my energy levels are returning. In the midst of it all, I treated myself; I bought myself a subscription to Writers Magazine.

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